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Managed Backup and Offsite Replication

10 Jun, 20150

“These days organisations are only as good as access to data or system availability.” This is a critical point in disaster recovery, as your data or system availability can be lost within a moments notice. This can be caused by any number of events such as power failure, hardware failure, accidental user deletion, fire, theft and natural disasters. At FocusedOn I.T, our highly qualified team of skilled engineers can tailor a backup and disaster recovery plan to suit your business requirements and objectives.

With the ever growing workload and pressures of business day to day operations, constantly changing backup tapes and taking them offsite each day can become tiresome, cumbersome and costly. Our customised secure offsite backup and replication solutions leverages leading technology and software currently available while automating the entire solution. All your information is hosted within our secure Private Cloud.

Whitest keeping in mind the evolving and fast pace of business and data management, our Backup & Offsite Replication suite has been designed to ensure effective and efficiant recovery solutions by:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management of onsite and offsite backups
  • Reporting for onsite and offsite backups, including pass and failure history
  • Efficient repair of backup issues to guarantee the success of daily backups
  • Incremental backups during the day (As frequent as 15 minutes) and a customisable retention and consolidation policy
  • Replication to an offsite and secure “Private Cloud” data centre location based in Sydney
  • Elimination of the need for backup disk rotations and physical transport to off-site locations
  • Increased data protection and redundancy in the case of corruption, natural disaster and/or malicious behavior
  • Ability to restore files within minutes or booted as a virtual machine on any computer to restore applications and files
  • Servers can be booted as virtual machines in our data centre allowing you to continue with your business


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